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All Things Twitter

All Things Twitter

This guide will show you how to use the Twitter feed that links to the school website and beyond.

Firstly, visit or load up the app on your phone or tablet.

If you’re using the web based version, you will see this page.



In the ‘phone, email or username’ box enter the Twitter handle (@SchoolUserNameHere) along with the password in the box below. For security reasons I would not recommend ticking the ‘remember me’ box.

At this point you will see the home screen of Twitter.



If you’re looking to quickly send a Tweet you can do so by typing in the ‘What’s happening?’ box. In doing so will make the message appear on the schools Twitter page, and consequently the front page of the website as well. Remember, Tweets are limited to 140 characters so keep it short and sweet!

Let’s say you sent out a Tweet by mistake. If you click the Tweets button, highlighted in the above picture, you will see all Tweets sent out past and present.



Clicking the three dots as shown in the picture brings up a series of options for the Tweets. From here, simply select ‘Delete Tweet’ to get rid of it forever.

There are a few other options within this tab, but it’s mainly the delete Tweet option that would be used regularly. If you did not select the remember me button when you first logged on, simply closing the browser should be enough to log you out of the account.

App on phone or tablet:

The process is very similar when using Twitter via a phone or tablet, however the interface will look slightly different.

To sign in for the first time, simply enter your details as shown on this screen:

If you already have a Twitter account logged in, visit your profile and click the small ‘cog’ icon to be presented with the sign out option. This will take you to the screen above.



















From here you will be presented with the following screen. The messages you see are from accounts that the school follows. To send a new Tweet, simply hit the compose button in the top right, as shown below.



From here simply enter your message and hit the Tweet button. You can also link in a picture, location, or even a poll at this point should you wish. Those options are available just left of where the app displays how many characters are left in the message.




And that’s all there is to it. If you wish to delete a mistaken Tweet, you must first return to the home screen of Twitter, hit the ‘me’ button, find the Tweet you wish to delete and then the three dots option will appear, allowing you to get rid of any unwanted message.

If this is being used on a personal phone or tablet please remember to go back to the ‘me’ tab, select the cog option right of the schools logo and select ‘sign out’.


Written By: Dale Vernon

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