ActivInspire Guidance and Tips Chapter One

ActivInspire guidance and tips

ActivInspire is a powerful piece of software for creating engaging flipcharts for your lessons. There’s a whole host of hidden features to use beyond the ‘PowerPoint’ style you may be familiar with. This blog will take you through a few of those lesser known features and show you how to use them in your flipcharts.

Importing extra resources

By default your copy of ActivInspire comes with lots of different resources to bring your flips to life. These include but are not limited to graph paper, handwriting paper, pictures, and even sounds. These can be accessed via your resource browser button, which should look a little like this picture (figure 1). Then click the up arrow as indicated in figure 2 to display the different categories of resources.

Fig. 1                            Fig. 2

It’s worth spending five minutes familiarising yourself with the resources. There may well be resources in there that can save you valuable time when preparing that next flipchart! Once you’ve found a resource you would like to import, you can simply drag and drop it onto your current page.

On top of that, Promethean offers a range of extra resources to enhance your lessons further. If you would like these installing, please ask your R&M technician who will be happy to add them in.

Flipchart tools

Within the tools menu (shown in figure 3), there are lots of useful features to utilise.

Fig 3.

Once you click the button you’re presented with these options below (figure 4).

Fig. 4

From this menu there are lots of options to explore. Some of the features we find particularly interesting in schools are the Maths tools. With the ruler, protractor and compass you can demonstrate how to accurately measure and use these implements to your whole class. This can alleviate the need for a visualiser and utilise the large IWB you may have in your classroom. The shape tool can be very useful, rather than importing pictures you can add them in directly from AI. For added preparation, we recommend the ‘revealer’ tool (figure 5).

Fig. 5

This tool presents a black scalable canvas which overlays your current page. It can be useful posing a question to students, then when they have given you what they think may be the correct answer, you can drag the canvas away to reveal the answer.

There’s also a clock for displaying a countdown if needed, and a tickertape option to display any messages you need in a fun and interactive way. Once again, we fully recommend spending some time getting to know these features in order to get the most out of your flipcharts.

ClassFlow connect

One of the newest features to ActivInspire is ClassFlow Connect. This blog is probably not best placed to explain all facets of ClassFlow, however, here is a short explanation. Essentially, ClassFlow allows a teacher to collaborate with their class on mass. It enables children to view the current flip through a mobile device, interact with it, and send back a response. The teacher can collate this information and display it back to the whole class.

An added extra of ClassFlow is the marketplace for interactive resources. You can sign up for free using the link below.!/marketplace

In short, this is a hub for sharing flipcharts and resources. You can browse through these and use them in your own lessons. Why not upload some of your own fantastic flipcharts to help the community thrive?

Extra support

There are far more features and functions not discussed in this blog. If you would like more information, please speak with your R&M ICT Technician who will be happy to lend support. We are also able to arrange training and demonstrations of the software directly with Promethean, one to keep in mind for any CPD days in the future, particularly with new features such as ClassFlow.

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