Ipads for Schools

Ipads for Schools

Robin and Martin have extensive experience managing large iPad deployments, with Ipads the preferred choice of mobile device in many schools, using Apple’s VPP Volume Purchase Program and the newly introduced DEP Device Enrollment Program, in conjunction with a preferred MDM Mobile Device Management solution allows us to manage system updates, install Apps and apply device restrictions, these cloud based solutions allow us to make changes effectively and efficiently.

Managing Ipads

We look after a large number of schools, some of which have over 100 Ipads in them, this means we have a lot of experience of which apps work well and are able to use the knowledge gained from one school across all of our sites. Therefore we can offer advice to you on which apps are best for a particular subject area, saving you time in researching for yourself.

Damages and Repairs

Ipads and other mobile devices are frequently used within schools and we  recognise accidents do happen, that's why we can provide advice on any damage and repairs to minimise downtime for you. We can supply quotes for hardware, including secure charging trolleys, sync units and child-safe cases.