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Part 1 – Microsoft OneDrive

Part 1 – Microsoft OneDrive


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Microsoft OneDrive – Cloud-based storage that gives you 1TB(1000 Gigabytes) of free storage in the cloud to store, edit and share your files with individuals or groups of users, all linked to your school Office365 account, and in most instances completely free to use!


How much storage is that?

  • It is estimated that 85,899,345 pages of Word documents would fill one terabyte
  • Approximately 200,000 songs or 17,000 hours of music
  • 250 High Definition Movies
  • You could fit approximately 310,000 photos in one terabyte

All of this storage available to a single user


Benefits of using Microsoft OneDrive?

  • Microsoft OneDrive gives you storage in the Cloud that allows you to access your documents on any device from anywhere.
  • Improved security and convenience for users by removing the requirement for you to carry portable external USB drives & USB memory sticks
  • Data stored in a central location and accessible whether you are working in a school or at home
  • OneDrive knits seamlessly into the standard Office 365 apps; Word, Excel and PowerPoint whether on your PC, laptop, iPad or smartphone
  • Simple file and folder sharing with individuals or groups of users
  • Multiple users can edit shared documents simultaneously


Practical usage:


OneDrive is very similar to the software ‘Dropbox’. You may already use Dropbox, and OneDrive works in much the same way. With that in mind, you are able to save documents from shared drives at school (e.g. ‘resources’) or your home folder and continue working on them at home. You may also have a desktop in your classroom and a staff laptop. By saving your files to your OneDrive account you are able to work seamlessly across your devices with the latest version of your files.  

For assistance with setup and configuration of Microsoft OneDrive, please speak to your R&M Technician

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