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Part 6 – How to set up resource & room booking calendars

Part 6 – How to set up resource & room booking calendars



Room Booking Calendars – Using the Office 365 calendar system you can have the ability to set up a simple booking system for rooms and resources that are available in your school. This could libraries, meeting rooms or even laptops and iPad usage.


What’s more, you can set up shared collaboration areas for groups that are not necessarily part of your Office 365 system. You may be part of a cluster group of schools and communication between schools can be troublesome. With a shared area, different people from different schools can collaborate together and share information easily. This may also extend to groups such as governors.


Practical usage:


You may wish to set up a calendar for Library usage, or when a particular set of laptops are being used. Staff can book a timeslot via the calendar and other members of the school are quickly able to check if the Library is free. This can also extend to laptops and iPads, where teachers can ‘book’ out the usage of such devices and notify others that they are in use during a particular timeslot. Repeat bookings can be set up, so year 6 can always have the laptops during their designated ICT sessions.

For assistance with setup & configuration of Office 365 Shared Calendars, please speak to your R&M Technician

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