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Part 8 – OneNote and OneNote classroom

Part 8 – OneNote and OneNote classroom


OneNote is Microsoft’s answer to a notepad. With OneNote you are able to take down notes on various different devices. This could be your laptop, tablet, or mobile phone. With the OneNote app you are able to see any changes synchronized across your devices, meaning any notes you do edit will always be the most up to date, whichever device you are using. With certain devices, you are even able to draw and handwrite with a stylus, meaning you can quickly take down that essential idea or piece of information without the need for an on screen keyboard.


OneNote Classroom


OneNote Classroom takes the OneNote principal and extends it to all the pupils in your class. You can create a shared workspace and ask the students for their contributions. You can push out content to their devices and ask for idea sharing and their answers to be sent back. Using an online tool means there is no paper to be printed out, saving you time and keeping things in one area ready for your review or marking.


Practical usage


Computing and ICT are steadily integrating themselves into every part of the curriculum. Using OneNote Classroom you could setup a workbook for each student within your class.


For assistance with setup & configuration of OneNote and OneNote classroom, please speak to your R&M Technician

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