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Lego for Education



Lego is now a global phenomenon. From the humble beginnings as a children’s toy and creative pastime, it has grown into a company that has ties in media, gaming and family adventures. The list continues to grow. One area you may not be so familiar with is the Lego developments in the educational sphere. This blog will go into detail as to how Lego is hoping to provide tools for young people to learn coding and ICT experience with their software and hardware.


Educators often find that coding and the computing curriculum can be quite abstract. With Lego Education, ideas and collaborations can be brought to life with Lego bricks. Problem solving becomes easier when presented with a familiar substance to manipulate. Coupled with the easy to use Lego software, coding can be easier for students and teachers alike to grasp.


Coding and cross curriculum learning


The software supplied with purchasing Lego Education kits can serve as a natural starting point for learning the essential skills of coding. It can also bridge the gap between computing, arts and design technology. This means that purchasing the equipment can have a profound effect on not just computing, but a whole range of curriculum subjects.


“LEGO® Education primary teaching resources help you make your Key Stage 1 & 2 curricula fun to learn. For subjects like computing, science, technology, classroom tools like LEGO® bricks boost your pupils’ motivation and stimulate their natural desire to explore and discover. LEGO® Education primary teaching resources are cross-curricular, helping your pupils develop invaluable problem-solving, collaboration and communication skills. LEGO® Education primary school resources lay the foundation for lifelong learning.”

(Lego Education website, January 2018,


Using the Lego kits, teachers can set real world problems and challenges. Can they build a robot that moves due to the commands they have written? Once that robot moves, can it stop at a certain point or when it meets obstacles? Once a base knowledge has been achieved, the children’s imagination is the only limit to creating new and exciting projects. Stimulating their imagination in this way allows for creative concepts to be conceived in real world scenarios.


Implementation and how to purchase


There are many different products under the Lego Education umbrella. For more information on each of them, please click the links below. The software can often be downloaded for free, but the kits listed below come at a one off fee. Combining both the software and Lego kits would be an ideal scenario.


Mindstorms Education V3 –

WeDo 2.0 –

Preschool –

WeDo –

Machines & Mechanisms for Primary School –


There are trials that can be downloaded and curriculum packs from this website;


Why not trial the software today and see whether it is something you believe could enhance teaching and learning at your school?


For more details on how to implement and purchase these products, please speak to your R&M technician who will be happy to help.

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